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SAP C4C course is one stage progress than SAP CRM module as this SAP module offers complete, strong and develop answer for keeping up client relation management. Best SAP Cloud for client preparing accompanies pre-bundled mix to SAP CRM and SAP ERP, social highlights and portable interfaces. SAP C4C Training can be viewed as a one of a kind combo of program based Silver light UI, social highlights of JAM, SAP HANA, and set of iOS and Android mobile applications and SAP PI as discretionary decision.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is a cloud-based CRM application from the SAP. With this new application from SAP which is in the cloud, field (deals/benefit) agents can get to the application and maintain their everyday business exercises from any gadget and from any area. C4C has built-in social joint effort device which helps in interfacing the inward workers, outside accomplices, and offer data among themselves in a hurry. These functionalities like getting to the application from any gadget and built-in social joint effort device make C4C an easy to use application, which thus expands the level of intrigue clients appear on implementing SAP C4C Training as there CRM application.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer can be incorporated with SAP ECC, CRM, and Hybris applications. With the pre-bundled mix, content gave by SAP, there will be a consistent reconciliation of ace and value-based information.

Enroll with us for SAP C4C Training and figure out how the SAP refreshes C4C application with new functionalities each quarter. With this SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is on the keep running with refreshing new business prerequisites/forms in view of the experience of different users.

All-inclusive organizations will adjust cloud arrangements, the more qualities to a business will be accessible with the key abilities offered by the applications. With consistent overhauls each quarter, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer gives the key capacities required by the business.

With this we comprehend SAP is concentrating more on its cloud technique as opposed to on its customary On Premise items. Consequently, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer application is substantially more entire, hearty and develop arrangement than its predecessors

To be a piece of this rapid deploying solution and manufacture a brilliant future in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, you require a productive SAP C4C preparing, we prepare understudies/advisors by outline and characterize the arrangement as per the client's business necessity with certainty. This productive and successful preparing in all parts of C4C is just given by Sapvits continuous mentors.

SAP C4C Overview

Who can learn SAP C4C?

Pre sales (marketing) /Sales/Post-Sales (services) domain knowledge is an added advantage to learn SAP C4C.

What is CRM?

Client relationship administration is standard business process by which your customer will deal with its end clients. How proficiently your customer will deal with your clients are divine by standard practices procedures business process offered by SAP CRM.

Why CRM is needed in the customer place?

  • Seamless integration of business process and efficient process to handle the end customers of the organization. 
  • Standardization of processes across departments and locations. 
  • Efficient and easy integration of the CRM system to the back end R/3 system through middle ware. 
  • For overall control of organizations (it has over control of the organizations business processes end data). 
  • Better controlling of different business processes. 
  • Better reporting system. 
  • Better utilization of resources i.e., Man, Material, Machines.

Introduction to SAP CRM:

SAP Customer Relationship management (SAP CRM) is a comprehensive solution for managing your customer relationships.
It supports all customer focused business areas, from marketing to sales and service, as well as customer integration channels such as the interaction center, and the internet, and the mobile clients.
SAP CRM is one of the modules of SAP R/3 business suite.

SAP C4C Launch Methodology:

When we have any on premise system like SAP ECC or SAP CRM where we do implementation the methodology we follow is ASAP methodology. But we come to on demand solution like C4C that methodology we follow for implementation is called as Launch Methodology.

The conventional stages of the ASAP Methodology like blue printing, development all those terminologies are not seen in launch methodology. It has its own terminology.

There would be a situation where we are going to implement both C4C, on-demand solutions and on premise solution like ECC or CRM in which case need to follow a methodology which a joint venture of both ASAP and Launch methodology and that method is called the hybrid methodology.

We can look at Launch methodology which specks about the different phases of the methodology and under each phase what are the key activities that need to be performed, all those details are represented under this pictorial diagram.

The launch methodology consists of four phases

Prepare: As the name itself suggests the prepare phase is the initial phase of the methodology at the start of the project and which would have the activities related to the project starting i.e, at the initial stage of the project.
Realize: wherein we do the actual configuration of the needed business process in the C4C application
Verify: where the client would do testing of the application to check of if business processes are covered    any other third party vendor system and the data would be transferred from the back end system to the C4C system.The different kinds of testing like unit testing, integration testing or the user acceptance testing or the regression testing all this type of testing are done in the verify phase where in the system will be tested thoroughly for the execution.
Launch: Actual go live of the application would happen.

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